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Felix the Fearless Dog by Darlene Mohekey

About this show


8th — 20th July 2019


70mins, Starting at 10:30am


Blue Baths, Queens Drive Rotorua, New Zealand


From $14.50

“The heart of the show delivers a message of self-belief and being kind. Most children in their lives will have to deal with bullying issues – whether as a perpetrator or a victim – making this show a must-see.

Every child needs to hear the important lessons Felix The Fearless Dog carefully portrays amid this hilarious and entertaining show” Rotorua Daily Post, July 2019. Join us on Fly-Valley Farm for another amazing adventure! This time it’s Felix the farm dog who’s ruff and ready to take on an important expedition.

Brave, smart, kind and fierce – Felix will lead you on an exciting escapade full of song, dance and pure joy… but he’ll help you learn a few important lessons along the way. Kiki the kiwi has been having trouble at school. Her “friends” haven’t been very friendly and she hasn’t been concentrating at school… and one morning she just didn’t turn up at all! Has she run away? Has she met with the wrong crowd? Is she in danger? With his super sniffy nose and crafty cunning, Felix has just the ex-paw-tise needed for this remarkable rescue mission. A fascinating fable full of birds and bugs, insects and grubs – it’s a real creepy crawly crusade!