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Buttercups Big Break by Darlene Mohekey

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02 – 14.10.18




Blue Baths


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This one’s gonna be barking mad.

Buttercup’s story is designed to delicately bring awareness to, and tackle the issue of, bullying and peer pressure.  It has been devised to create a conversation about being kind and embracing each other’s differences as well as encouraging others and promoting determination and self-esteem.

Buttercup is the friendliest cow you’ll ever meet! And she just loves to sing. In fact, all she’s ever wanted is to be a Country-Western star. So, when she hears there is going to be a competition in Nashbull, she hoofs it as quick as she can! But she’s got a long way to go and a lot of paddocks to cross to get there!
Join Buttercup, Tyra Shanks, Whitney Gooseton, Pavatrotti and more, on this madcap moo-sical adventure for the whole family.Will Buttercup make it to the competition? Will her “friends” be helpers or haters? Will she win? Will that matter? And what will we all learn on her journey?